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The most common reasons your drains get blocked in Stafford.

The first and most common is the drain becomes blocked with foreign objects or debris this can block a drain once all the items build up and start getting caught in the drainpipe.

  It will start with the flow being restricted and then it will fully restrict the flow and you will be required to call a Stafford plumber out to clear the blockage.

Storms and lots of continued rain are also a big issue in Stafford Brisbane and on the North Side.  The drains and gutters may become blocked with dirt, leaves, twigs and bark.  Blocked storm drains can overflow and cause damage to your property so it is a good idea to maintain your gutters and keep them clean, especially around storm season.  Broken pipes underground will also have the same affect and can be expensive to fix. 

The roots from trees can ruin old pipes and you may need to get a qualified Stafford plumber to run an electric eel down the pipes and cut the roots so the water can flow freely again.

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