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How to spot a good Plumber Grange, to find a plumber who you can trust and who can do the job properly at the right price and with right tools.  A professional plumber must have all the qualifications as well as a BSA number that shows that they are certified and fully registered in Queensland.  Also if the plumber Grange is part of an association such as the Master Plumber Association (MPA) you can place another tick beside their name.  Allfix plumbing have all the qualifications including the BAS number and are certainly a member of the MPA.

With the harsh weather conditions that the grange often endures it can be detrimental to existing water pipes and drains that are connected to the home.   This is why it is so important to be fully aware of the location of your safety shut off valve which is usually located next to your water meter, (this can be on the foot path/ side walk) or just inside your property.   Allfix Plumbing The Grange offers 24 Hour emergency plumbing services to the local area.

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