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Newstead House is the pride of the heritage listed suburb and Allfix understand the plumbing and pipes that make the water flow in the area. A plumber Newstead is needed when there is an emergency or when you are renovating. If you are going to be renovating or demolishing your house you must research your site map and get your lot’s drainage and sewerage layout from the Brisbane City Council. They will print it out for you and you can hand this over to the qualified plumber to cap off or redirect the drainage on your property.

The times that you need an 24 hour emergency plumber will be different with different situations and it will depend on where your house or apartment is situated. If you spot a problem with your pipes or blocked drains, you will need to first stop using the water supply and find where the emergency shut of valve is located. Turn it off immediately and then call Allfix Plumber Newstead who will come out straight away and fix the faulty tap or burst pipe. The pipes could be made out of various materials especially due to the fact that the local area has many Heritage Houses and the work must be done in accordance to the Heritage Register’s regulations and rules. This might include the external drainage and gutters for example have to be of the same style and year that make the house unique and gives it its historical value.

There is no doubt that the area is special and its homes/houses/apartments and commercial and business areas are something that need to be looked after and a Plumber Newstead is someone who you can trust and put faith into to get the job done right the first time and keep it stress free for you and everyone involved. If you do need help sourcing any information before you start your project it is worthwhile contacting us to mitigate the surprises that may come up.

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